Adapting to Changes

Change is the inevitable part of life. No matter what you do, situations around you are destined to change. Change can be perceived as good or bad depending upon the situation. I love this quote, it simply outlines how short-lived your plans could be, eventually resulting in change of situations.

Environment eats your plans for breakfast

Once you realize that change is inevitable, you should start looking for ways to best adapt to it. In my personal experience, I follow these guidelines while dealing with change.

Change is neutral, no hard feelings
Attaching sentiment to a change will take away the evaluation part of the process. I personally believe categorizing change is okay, but letting it affect your behavior is bad.

Change is inevitable, plan for it
If you think hard and boil down your plans, they will always come down to two alternatives; desirable and not desirable. Change might impose a switch of tracks. So be prepared for it.

Focus on the next thing, what had to happen, has happened.
Dwelling too much on the past often distorts the ability to think straight. An individual has to be practical while perceiving changes in life. Life is only gonna go forward, so better focus on it.

This set of guidelines is bound to evolve with time. If there are any other factors you can imagine, suggestions are most welcome :)

Chinmay Kulkarni

Full stack polyglot developer and amature guitarist. I like to code in python, golang and JavaScript. Currently, I am pursuing MS from Carnegie Mellon University. I am a machine learning enthusiast and an avid open source contributor. You can reach me here -

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