It's the Valley

Six months have passed since I first stepped foot in valley. Yes, its called the valley not Silicon Valley and San Fransisco is called the city. Last six months have been absolutely wonderful. I got the opportunity to learn about startup culture in the valley and be a part of this dynamic ecosystem. Along the way, I noticed some unique things. In this post, I will try and provide a gist of it.

Weather is awesome
No post about valley is complete without mentioning how beautiful the weather is. There is ample sunlight, enough cold, and soothing breezes all around year. All types of different destinations are in driving distance from here; from snowy mountains to sea to desert.

Failure is a credential
Failures are seen differently here. It is quite normal to have three or four failed attempts before building a product that succeeds. In fact, it is almost a ritual to write a detailed blog post about failed products.

Everybody writes code
Basic programming skills are in abudance. Even marketing people know programming 101. I remember my Uber driver asking me questions about interfaces in Java, that just blew me away.

Everybody is killing it, all the time
In every coffee shop, there are always intense discussions going on about how a certain industry is gonna be disrupted. Its not unusual to see few geeks trying to pitch their idea to investors or to see android study groups gathered around dinner table.

Meeting legends is normal
Silicon Valley isn’t short of talent. It is likely to meet to great minds in computer industry. Over the last six months, I met Don Knuth, Peter Norvig, Vint Cerf, Andrew Ng. It definitely is an awesome experience interacting with legends.

Chinmay Kulkarni

Full stack polyglot developer and amature guitarist. I like to code in python, golang and JavaScript. Currently, I am pursuing MS from Carnegie Mellon University. I am a machine learning enthusiast and an avid open source contributor. You can reach me here -

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